Occupy Wall Street, a movement. A movement that is getting little to no coverage in the media. A movement that, despite the fact that it’s spreading across not only our nation, but the world, continues to go unknown to the general public. And it’s already been going strong for nearly two weeks.

    So let’s try to change this. Get a little awareness of the real world flowing. We’re the youth - we know how to get the word out. So read up and spread the word.

    They even have a tumblr! If you’re like me - on the other side of the nation, or busy with work - or maybe things are too hard, you have too little time, too little money - … life isn’t easy. Take a bit of time to make your own voice heard. Because sometimes, that’s the only thing you can do.

    We are the 99%, and we will not go unnoticed.

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